The fundamentals of using cookie files

What are cookies:

Our website uses cookies in order to improve the services we provide you. Cookies are small text files that stores information in your browser at the request of the website and are regularly used to distinguish individual users. The content reveals which websites you have been to before, whether you have something in the shopping cart or whether you are logged in. The person of the user, however, is not identified by this information. Cookies therefore help:

  • our website function properly by making it possible for you to conclude your shopping with the least amount of difficulties;
  • facilitate the settings of the shop, so that when you return they help you with login or with remembering your order even in the advert spaces of other websites;
  • with recalling your login data, so you need not enter it every time;
  • with proper operations so that, for example, the contents of your shopping cart do not disappear, or you remain logged in;
  • identify which pages and features are used the most by visitors; this way we can best adapt our offer to your requirements;
  • They help us to identify which adverts customers look at most often, to optimize our offer for customers, and to address them in advert spaces in order to ensure they do not see the same advert again and again as they go through the website, or they do not see an advert for products they have no interest in.
    You can find out more information about cookies here.

Which cookies do we use:

The cookies used on our website can be divided up according to their validity and purpose; two types are used in terms of validity. A short-term “session cookie” is used for the time of your visit and expires several minutes after you leave the page, whereas a long-term “persistent cookie” remains stored typically longer in your device until you yourself remove it.
In terms of purpose, individual cookies can be divided up according to function:

  • Conversion allows us to analyze how an advert is working and the performance of various sales channels.
  • Tracking is used in combination with conversion cookies to analyze the performance of individual sales channels, basically to help optimize the offer.
  • Remarketing is used to personalize the content of advertisements and to ensure they are targeted correctly.
  • Analytical help increase the user-friendliness of our website by enabling us to understand how users use it and so we can facilitate their access to the desired content.
  • Essential are also known as key or functional, which are important for the basic features of the website.
    Some cookies can collect information, which is then used by third parties and which directly support our advertising activities (e.g. “third party cookies”). But you cannot be identified according to this data.

How to stop the use of cookies

The use of cookies can be set up in your web browser. In their default settings, all browsers automatically accept these files. Have a look at the instructions to your browser and proceed in accordance with them to reject cookies or change your settings to use only some of them. If you like, you can set up your browser to notify you when a cookie is sent. You also have the opportunity to manually delete individual cookies in the settings of your browser, or to block or completely prohibit their use, or block and allow them only for individual websites. Keep in mind that by turning off cookies you can considerably decrease the convenience of your shopping experience.