Notice to passengers: Due to temporary grounding of Boeing 737 MAX fleet, flights are operated by different aircraft types. We apologize should any flight delay or cancellation rarely occure. To check your actual flight schedule, please login to Booking Management in My Flights section.

My baggage has not arrived

Please contact our handling agent office immediately upon arrival to fill in the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) that must be evantually kept by yourself. Also keep your baggage tag and boarding pass. Should you not obtain the baggage for a longer time than 24 hours, you would be entitled to receive payment of compensation of necessary incurred costs. A flat compensation amounts to 60 EUR per person.

Should you not obtain the baggage for a longer time than 48 hours, you are entitled to procure the necessarily needed items, the procurement of which is subject to support by the bills. These compensation shall not be applied to the local residents at destination. Baggage not delivered within 30 days after arrival is considered lost. Compensation requests may be made online via our online claim form.

The compensations do not apply on lost buggies.