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What items are considered sport equipments?

The carriage of sport equipment should be purchased via Contact Form at least one day before departure and rarely may be denied for capacity reasons. The price is 59 EUR/piece/flight. If your flight is a part of a holiday package, the carriage of sport equipment should be purchased at your tour operator, subject to the tour operator's price list.

Sport equipment shall mean some of the following items:

  • bicycle, scooter,
  • ski equipment, i.e. 1 pair of skies including sticks or 1 snowboard and ski boots or 1 skibob,
  • diving equipment - equipment necessary for diving such as pressure cylinder with accessory, one pair of fins, mask, diving suit, bathometer, etc. The equipment for snorkelling, i.e. 1 glasses, snorkel, 1 pair of fins shall not be considered the diving equipment,
  • windsurfing equipment, i.e. 1 board with 1 sail and 1 mast,
  • kiteboard + kite,
  • surfboard,
  • golf bag,
  • parachute, paraglider, hang glider,
  • fishing rod.