Travel Service company offers a new wi-fi entertainment portal on board as one of the first companies in central Europe.


Travel Service equips all its planes with a new modern technology and for more comfort for its customers starts to offer a new wireless onboard entertainment system on selected flights.
All passengers on Travel Service and SmartWings flights in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and France can watch movies, listen to music, play games or read selected newspaper and magazines using their phones, tablets or laptops. Children programs are also included.
Travel Service now offers this service in a test runs free of charge. This service will be available on all planes from the summer season 2018.

Before your flight

1. Just download the app NOW on AppStore and Google Play

2. Open the app while connected to internet to activate

3. Enjoy your flight

How to connect

Before the flight, please make sure that the MyWings app has been downloaded to your device to have access to our full range of movies and TV.

  1. Download the MyWings app from GooglePlay or Apple AppStore before your flight
  2. Open the app while connected to the internet before your flight
  3. Switch your device to airplane mode while on board
  4. Turn on Wi-Fi
  5. Connect to MyWings network
  6. Launch the MyWings app and enjoy!

Read this leaflet for more information.

If you haven't downloaded the app before the flight

You are still able to enjoy a selection of movies and TV on your device, however, the onboard entertainment is limited.

  1. Switch your device to airplane mode while onboard
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi
  3. Connect to MyWings Network
  4. Open a browser on your device
  5. Navigate to and enjoy!