The brand SmartWings uses a modern fleet of Travel Service. Airplanes are equipped with the best and newest technology concerning both safety and fuel consumption and noise level. Thorough examination and servicing of the planes are executed in accordance with strict regulations in exact intervals and in accordance with the airplane producer’s recommendations.

The safety of our passengers and crew always has been and remains our priority.

Our fleet

Boeing 737-700

Length: 33.60 m
Height: 12.57 m
Wing span: 35.70 m
Engines: 2x 92,0 kN CFM International CFM56-7
Maximum take off weight: 70,080 kg
Maximum payload: 17,544 kg
Cruising speed: 828 km/h
Top speed: 936 km/h

Boeing 737-800

Length: 39.50 m
Height: 12.50 m
Wing span: 34.30 m
Engines: 2x 121,4 kN CFM International CFM56-7B27
Maximum take off weight: 79,010 kg
Maximum payload: 21,536 kg
Cruising speed: 870 km/h
Top speed: 959 km/h

Airbus A-320

Length: 37.57 m
Height: 11.76 m
Wing span: 34.09 m
Engines: 2x 111 kN CFM International CFM56-5
Maximum take off weight: 78,000 kg
Maximum payload: 19,393 kg
Cruising speed: 828 km/h
Top speed: 871 km/h