Can I use an oxygen bottle on board?

For safety reasons, we do not permit passengers to bring their own oxygen on board of our aircraft. If oxygen is required for use during the flight it must be booked directly with us on the same day as the flight booking is made. You must travel with a letter from your doctor (in English) confirming that you are fit to travel. For your safety, you cannot be accepted for travel without this letter.

You can book the oxygen bottle by calling us. A fee of 450 EUR / 311.5 L applies to prebook oxygen. The fee is set per one way and must be paid at the time of booking the oxygen. Fees for oxygen are not collected at the departure airports. The fee is not refundable.

If your flight is a part of a holiday package, please contact your tour operator to purchase the oxygen bottle.

For safety reasons, we are only permitted to use 3/4 of the bottle of oxygen. We cannot have more than one oxygen request per flight, as this is all that is legally permitted.