Smartwings Group dispatches more repatriation flights to bring Czechs home

Smartwings Group dispatched further special flights for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic at the weekend to bring Czech citizens home from other countries. On Sunday evening, a Smartwings aircraft carrying Czechs from Peru and Mexico landed at Prague airport. Another Smartwings aircraft is to take Czech citizens home from Canada and the Dominican Republic on Monday, March 30.

On Tuesday, March 31, Smartwings is to dispatch a repatriation flight from Chicago, USA, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The aircraft is expected to land in Prague on Wednesday, 1 April 2020.

At the weekend, Smartwings operated a repatriation flight from Goa and Mumbai, India, for Volkswagen Group and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. After a stopover in Hannover, Germany, the aircraft continued to Prague where it has landed today after 2 p.m.

Under an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Smartwings Group has flown Czech citizens to their home country from Philippines, Cuba, Panama, Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Costa Rica, Canary Islands, and Egypt in the past few days.

Smartwings Group is ready to provide its aircraft for additional flights as needed.

Smartwings aircraft brings needed medical supplies from China

On Tuesday, 24 March 2020 at 01: 30 a.m., another Smartwings Group aircraft landed at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport, bringing much needed medical supplies from China, including 1.9 million face masks and 100 thousand respirators. The Boeing 737-900 took off on Monday, 23 March 2020, at 13:15 CET from Shanghai, heading for Prague with a technical stop at Novosibirsk, Russia. Another Smartwings Group aircraft, a Czech Airlines’ Airbus 319, brought 1 million face masks and other medical supplies to the Czech Republic the day before.

Working with responsible Czech ministries, Smartwings Group helps to transport medical supplies from China and bring Czech citizens home from other countries.

Due to the declaration of a state of emergency by the Government of the Czech Republic, flights to/from the Czech Republic are temporarily suspended from March 16, 2020

Based on measures taken by the Government of the Czech Republic about a prohibition of travelling of Czech citizens abroad and prohibition of entering foreign citizens without permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic, we suspend all flights to/from the Czech Republic for the entire period of such measures with effect from March 16, 2020.

Passengers from affected flights shall be notified about a further procedure by e-mail from the carrier or ticket vendors. has a new look!

The Smartwings website has had a fresh new look since Monday, April 29, 2019. In addition to a more modern face, the website brings a clearer and more user-friendly structure that will enable customers to better orient themselves and, above all, to buy tickets and additional services more smoothly.

We believe that the new website will help to increase satisfaction with our services.

For customers looking for the cheapest price, Smartwings now offers the possibility to travel only with cabin baggage

On the 31st of March, Smartwings introduced three new LITE, PLUS, FLEX pricing packages for Economy Class on the principle of Branded Fares. For customers looking for the cheapest price, the LITE tariff has been newly designed, allowing only 8 kg of cabin baggage to travel with. PLUS and FLEX tariffs include 23 kg, 8 kg cabin baggage and a 3 kg small personal item included in the ticket price. In addition, the FLEX tariff includes the option to change the flight free of charge and offers refreshments on board.

We believe that by doing so, we are able to accommodate customers ready to create a tailor-made travel package and to use only the services they really need.

Smartwings brings you a new onboard menu BUY-ON-BOARD from March 1st

From March 2019 we bring our passengers a new upgraded BUY-ON-BOARD menu on flights from/to Prague. You can choose from a large variety of products and taste a warm French quiche, Spanish tapas with olives, a sweet donut, premium vines and many other products. You can also choose from several variants of preferred menus. The complete offer of BUY-ON-BOARD menu can be found here.