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Health limitations

What diseases require the doctor´s approval to fly?

The properly filled Medical Clearance Form may be required by our ground or cabin staff in the following cases:

  • Heart attack (within 21 days of intended travel)
  • Stroke (within 10 days of intended travel
  • Infants – newborn babies (within 7 days of birth)
  • Decompression sickness
  • Pneumothorax (within 14 days of resolution)
  • Requirement for stretcher
  • Inability to sit upright
  • Head injury (within 14 days of intended travel)
  • Fractures (except for uncomplicated fractures of upper limbs and fingers of upper limbs)
  • Plaster cast (except for plaster cast on upper limbs and fingers of upper limbs)
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Psychiatric disorder (must travel with an escort sitting in adjacent seat)
  • Any serious or acute infectious disease (incl. chickenpox)

Can I fly pregnant?

Yes, until the 34th week of pregnancy (for multiple pregnancy until 28th week). Please have your maternity pass always ready for inspection at the airport and on board.

How does the carriage of passengers in wheelchairs work?

Passengers using wheelchairs can request our free assistance service via Contact Form no later than 48 hours before departure. When purchasing the service, it should be specified whether the passenger is able to walk the stairs and reach the aircraft seat on his/her own. This will help us to set the appropriate level of assistance. The passenger's own wheelchair will be checked-in and handed back to him/her after arrival.

If the flight is a part of holiday package from travel agency, please contact the agency to purchase this service. Pricelist of your tour operator will be applied.

Can I travel hurt or sick?

Passenger with infectious diseases may be denied boarding without a right to compensation. Travellers with medical diseases are required to hold the Medical Clearance Form during the whole way. Please click on the form to check whether some of the diagnosis applies on you.

Is it possible to purchase an assistance?

We offer several types of assistance. Passengers with reduced mobility may request a free wheelchair assistance.

Unaccompanied minors or unexperienced travelers may request request an UMNR/MAAS assistance service for a free of 59 EUR/way.

The assistance service must be requested no later than two days prior to departure via Contact Form.

If the flight is a part of holiday package from travel agency, please contact the agency to purchase this service. Price list of your tour operator will be applied.

Can I purchase a diet meal?

Special meals may only be purchased on flights with free on board catering (selected flights over 4 hours). The purchase must be made via My Flights at least two days before departure.

For other routes, you can choose an additional meal for a charge when booking your ticket online or in My Bookings.

The offer may be on particular flights limited.

How long after a surgery can I travel?

Depends on your doctor's recommendation, but in some cases, you may be required to show us this Medical Clearance Form at the airport or on board. Your safety is our priority. Please click on the form to check whether some of the diagnosis applies on you.

Can I carry medicines and injections?

Yes, all medicines may be carried on board only. Carriage in checked baggage is not permitted.
When carrying your syringe on board, you may be required to present the doctor's letter in English proving that you need to have this item with you.

Can I use an oxygen bottle on board?

For safety reasons, we do not permit passengers to bring their own oxygen on board of our aircraft. If oxygen is required for use during the flight it must be booked directly with us on the same day as the flight booking is made. You must travel with a letter from your doctor (in English) confirming that you are fit to travel. For your safety, you cannot be accepted for travel without this letter.

You can book the oxygen bottle by calling us. A fee of 200 EUR / 311.5 L applies to prebook oxygen. The fee is set per one way and must be paid at the time of booking the oxygen. Fees for oxygen are not collected at the departure airports. The fee is not refundable.

If your flight is a part of a holiday package, please contact your tour operator to purchase the oxygen bottle.

For safety reasons, we are only permitted to use 3/4 of the bottle of oxygen. We cannot have more than one oxygen request per flight, as this is all that is legally permitted.