Travel insurance newly with COVID-19 coverage

The travel insurance that you can buy together with your flight ticket on our website newly includes coverage for the COVID-19 disease.

The travel insurance will also cover the costs of:

  1. The travel insurance will also cover the costs of:
  2. Lost, damaged or stolen baggage,
  3. Medical treatment,
  4. Assistance services.

This complex travel insurance is offered in co-operation with the ERV, the travel insurance specialist.

Purchasing Insurance

It is very easy to purchase travel insurance. You can buy it online together with your ticket via our website.

Withdrawal from the travel insurance contract

Please contact the insurance company by phone or e-mail to withdraw from the already purchased travel insurance.

Insurance Prices and Coverage

Insurance prices and coverage are dictated by the length of stay and the final destination. For more information, please see the enclosed product sheet and Terms & Conditions.