Our trained personnel are looking forward to you on the board of our planes. They carefully attend to your safety and comfort during the flight. Experienced pilots and flight attendants are ready to provide you with services leading to your full satisfaction.

Travel Service and Smartwings put the quality of services provided to the passengers as their another priority. Therefore a substantial part of the aircrew training is aimed at professional manners when attending and communicating with passengers.

Only experienced and perfectly trained pilots fly for Travel Service and its brand for regular low-cost lines Smartwings.

Training and testing of pilots take place in accordance with strict rules of the European Union at training centres with modern appliances for training pilots – complex flight simulators, not only in the Czech Republic but also in other countries within the European Union. Based on this focused training, the pilots from the company Travel Service and Smartwings obtained the license which permits them to make flights in Europe, Africa, North and South America, to Near and Middle East and to the countries of Southeast Asia. All the pilots who commonly fly for Travel Service have to undergo a repeat training on flight simulators every six months and testing of professional skills, where they have to regain their flight qualification, every year.