Strict hygiene standards aboard our aircraft

Our aircraft interiors undergo a thorough disinfection process before and after each flight according to the strictest hygienic standards, including seats, tray tables, seat pockets, overhead lockers and lavatories.

Ochranný prostředek dýchacích cest

Boarding aircraft with mandatory nose and mouth cover (face mask)

Before boarding Smartwings and Czech Airlines aircraft and throughout the flight, all passengers must wear protective mouth and nose gear. This requirement does not apply to children under two years of age and other people subject to exemptions specified in the relevant crisis or emergency measures in place.

Failure to comply with the safety measure will be considered a breach of Smartwings and Czech Airlines Conditions of Carriage. As a result, the passenger in breach of the Conditions may be excluded from transport.

Therefore, we ask that you bring your own protective gear in the form of disposable face masks, respirators, home-made cotton face masks or scarves and shawls. The face shield is not accepted as a stand-alone protective gear (i.e., without use in combination with any of the above).

Our crew members will also use protective airways and hand gear.

Bezkontaktní platba

Social distancing

Two-metre gaps
Please maintain a two-metre gap from others when boarding or disembarking the aircraft.

Online check-in
If possible, please use the relevant section of our website to check-in for your flight online.

On-board seating
Sufficient seating capacity permitting, gaps will be maintained between passengers.

Contactless payments
Only contactless payments, i.e. credit or debit cards, are accepted aboard our aircraft.

Please note that the general procedures of security checkpoints may have been adjusted. We recommend arriving at airports ahead of time. There are also restrictions governing the provision of certain services. Airport lounges, restaurants, shops and other facilities may thus be temporarily closed.

To reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19, please present your travel document open at the photo page to the staff at the departure exit and then place your boarding pass on the boarding pass validator by yourself. This procedure will ensure your safe boarding without unnecessary physical contact.

Palubní občerstvení

In-flight service limitations

To ensure your maximum protection, we have temporarily limited the provision of particular in-flight services.

Refreshments aboard Smartwings flights
There might be changes to the pre-ordered meals. A limited selection of the BISTRO-ON-BOARD in-flight refreshments will be offered. Details will be provided by the crew. All in-flight refreshments include protective wrapping.

Please remove your face masks only while eating your meals and drinking your beverages. When you have finished eating and drinking, put your face mask back on immediately.

Sky Shop FLY & BUY
In order to minimise contacts between passengers and crew members, it will not be possible to purchase merchandise offered by the in-flight FLY & BUY magazine.

mywings In-flight magazine
All printed materials distributed on-board our aircraft have been limited to a minimum. Therefore, you will not find the in-flight mywings magazine aboard our aircraft at the moment.

Please Note:

We recommend you always check the current rules and regulations for entering the country of your final destination before your journey. This also applies to citizens and permanent residents as well as passengers in transit or transfer. In some cases, a negative COVID-19 test result may be required.

For additional information on rules and regulations for entering or transferring through the country of your final destination, please contact the authorities of the respective country.